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, 29 Jan 2013

To Whom it May Concern<

A few years ago I had to sell my parents home in Moorabbin. After much investigation I asked Michael Weston to be the Real Estate Agent & Auctioneer. I found him to be both honest and very accurate in his valuation.
Recently my husband and I were in the position of selling a property we had spent a year renovating.
Two local agents at separate times opened my property for only half an hour per week and were unwilling to do extra.
After several months and no sale I again sought out Michael. I had not asked Michael at the time as he had sold his agency and had other commitments.
As I had sought his advice which he gave freely many times during the renovation I was relieved to discover that he had just started his new company WESTON REAL ESTATE. Due to their unfailing loyalty and great business ethics my property at 23 Tower Hill Road, Frankston South has now sold at the price they told me months ago.
All I can say is thank goodness! Michael and his team came into being just when I needed it.

Sandra & Robert Mills