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, 17 Apr 2013

To Whom It May Concern,

We recently sold our property at 43 Blantyre Avenue in Chelsea. We had two local agents inspect our property to advise us on their opinion of price. We were not really happy about the price that they indicated as we thought it was a bit low. Our property was a development site. We had known Michael Weston for a number of years and although he had no office in the area decided to contact him for his opinion and we are glad we did. Michael convinced us he could achieve a price greater than the other agents had quoted and closer to what we wanted. He also convinced us that although his agency was not local we would not be disadvantaged, as all buyers look for property on the internet these days. Sure enough after several open house inspections Michael had a written offer at our price almost $50,000 more than the other agents had said. If you are thinking of selling and want the best price (and their commission was only 1%) then call Michael Weston you will not be disappointed.

Fabio Decorrado